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FOSOO is a company founded by a team of dentists, engineers, designers, and creatives dedicated to advancing tech and style in oral care. We take care of 7.9 billion people's oral health by making the best and most affordable dental products to help them stay healthy and confident.
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new top sonic electric toothbrush blue apex

APEX Electric Toothbrush

Metal sonic toothbrush less plastic, 15x plaque removel, 4 brushing modes, 3 intensities, smart timer, lasts 180 days.

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new best sonic electric toothbrush for kids fosoo dreamer

Dreamer Kids Electric Toothbrush

Butterfly/plane wall-mounted holder, 2 cleaning modes, small brush head with soft antibacterial bristles, 180-day battery life.

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new best sonic electric toothbrush purple lux

LUX Electric Toothbrush

Eco-friendly metal sonic toothbrush, 3 cleaning modes, 3 intensities, quietest, lasts 120 days

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new sonic electric toothbrush ace in purple

ACE Electric Toothbrush

Metal electric toothbrush with 2 big brush heads and 2 regular sized brush heads, 20x plaque removel, quietest, 180-day battery life.

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APEX Sonic Electric Toothbrush 

Experience a Complete Clean

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ask a hygienist recommend fosoo apex toothbrush

The APEX electric toothbrush is a pretty nice electric toothbrush. It brushes along the gum line much better than other electric toothbrushes. Never seen in other electric toothbrushes is that the motor doesn't turn on automatically when you press the on button. Instead, you can toggle through the features before the motor starts that prevent toothpaste from flying everywhere.

Christina, Dental Hygienist

LUX Electric Toothbrush 

Make Every Brushing Count

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Dreamer Kids Electric Toothbrush

Empower Your Kids with Good Oral Health Habits

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My teeth feel very clean. The bristles are really soft and gentle, even on the regular everyday clean head. I used the whitening mode first, which felt like a gentle pulsing motion. I'm not sure my teeth actually got any whiter but a toothbrush can really only do so much in that department. The pink with gold details is super elegant!

Look Good, Work Better

Dentists, dental hygienists, and influencers all recommend FOSOO electric toothbrushes

The APEX electric toothbrush is one of the FOSOO team's signature designs combining precision, comfort, and elegance. If you are trying to switch from a common manual toothbrush to an electric one, the APEX might be your best option.


NOV Sonic Electric Toothbrush 

Brush in Style

Fresh your oral hygiene routine, and please your oral care journey and daily life

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ACE Big Brush Electric Toothbrush 

Effective and Gentle

Provide up to 20x plaque removal, and 7x healthier gums vs a manual toothbrush

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