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FOSOO APEX Electric Toothbrush

Our lives are filled with hundreds of little things that we do daily without paying much attention to them. Although we may focus more on the bigger picture when trying to make positive changes in our lives, a quicker and yet efficient way to do it might be by improving all of those little things.

Thereby, FOSOO oral care products are specially designed to improve your life through small changes in the way you experience brushing your teeth. Moreover, these changes will have an immense impact on not only your overall experience but also your oral health.

FOSOO is an international oral care brand. One of our main goals is to change the way you think about oral care by creating and offering real solutions to your problems while keeping up with modern times.

Our research team has made a thorough evaluation of the human mouth anatomy and its characteristics to have a complete understanding of its behavior. The information gathered allowed us to design the technology behind our toothbrushes, which are specially designed for your oral health. Thus, each FOSOO oral care product is guaranteed to enhance your lifestyle and life quality through the benefits of better oral health while being free of cavities and gum disease.

Furthermore, effectiveness in enhancing oral health is not our only feature. Each one of FOSOO's products possesses sleek designs that will ensure you a comfortable and life-changing experience.

Another important feature is their affordability. All of products can be obtained for an affordable price, offering to you the best price-quality relationship.

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FOSOO APEX Electric Toothbrush Review

The FOSOO APEX electric toothbrush is one of our signature designs combining precision, comfort, and elegance. If you are trying to switch from a common manual toothbrush to an electric one, the APEX might be your best option.

It is a sonic clean toothbrush which means that contrary to its oscillating electric toothbrush counterparts, its head vibrates instead of having its bristles spin in circles.

This property allows them to perform a movement pattern similar to the one that you should be doing with a manual toothbrush. However, since it is electric, the toothbrush helps you and does it for you at an enhanced speed.

Moreover, this enables you to not only remove more plaque but also so do it more efficiently than with a manual toothbrush, helping you prevent and get rid of gum disease while enhancing your oral health.

The FOSOO APEX electric toothbrush possesses a Maglev Sonic Motor, which allows it to vibrate to up to 42.000 motions per minute, meaning that it will remove up to 10 times more plaque than other toothbrushes while still being gentle with your gums. Therefore, preventing gums recession.

Personalization And Different Modes

Something that differentiates it from other toothbrushes is its wide range of modes and settings. It allows you to personalize your experience at different levels, enabling you to find a combination of settings that will perfectly match what you need and the result you are looking for to achieve.

You can set up your APEX toothbrush to any of the following four modes:

• Clean: Your standard mode for healthy teeth and gums. This mode will help you remove all plaque most effectively.

• White: Teeth stains are usually caused by pigments on the enamel. Therefore, this mode allows you to eliminate those extrinsic stains and achieve a whitening effect.

• Gum care: A lot of people suffer from sensitive gums, and brushing their teeth might be uncomfortable. This mode acts more gentle on your gums and removes the rough sensation.

• Polish: For a better aesthetically pleasing result. This mode will give your teeth a polished look like you just came out of your dentist’s office.

Aside from these 4 modes, you can also adjust the intensity in which the toothbrush vibrates, letting you pick between low, medium, and high. By this means, giving you multiple combinations to try and explore.

Furthermore, its memory allows it to start up on the same setup you choose the last time you brushed, removing the inconvenience of browsing through the modes every time you are going to use it.

The APEX comes with 2 different heads, which you can freely change at any time: One for daily cleaning and stains removal and one with softer bristles for sensitive gums.

Quiet And Peaceful

Another major property of the APEX is that it is a quiet electric toothbrush. Its technology enables it to perform an optimal cleaning while producing as little as less than 50 dB of noise, becoming less noisy than other electric toothbrushes.

Battery Saving

FOSOO APEX Electric Toothbrush

Due to its 2500 mAh Li-Ion battery, it can last up to 180 days in just one 12 hours charge. It also includes a reminder when the battery needs to be recharged.

Environmental Friendly

The APEX is an eco-friendly electric toothbrush. It reduces the amount of plastic waste produced by using a metal zinc alloy handle. Moreover, you can also select its color, letting you even get a pink electric toothbrush.

Timer And Waterproof

Built-in 2-Minute Timer And 30-Second Quadpacer

FOSOO APEX electric toothbrush comes with a built-in timer that allows you to efficiently brush for 30 seconds on each quadrant for a total of 2 minutes. Moreover, it possesses waterproof IPX7, meaning you can safely use it in the shower.

FOSOO offers an affiliate program where you can refer the products to friends on your social media or use your website to promote the brand, the many benefits include a 10% discount on commissions, a variety of banners and creative assets, a dedicated account manager, and 30 days cookie.

Every FOSOO oral care product is guaranteed to deliver a life-changing experience. From the APEX different modes to its long-life battery and low noise production, you will obtain a toothbrush that is perfectly capable of removing up to 10 times more plaque while at the same time being modern and elegant.

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