Why Use the Metal Electric Toothbrush

Why Use The Metal Electric Toothbrush

Metal toothbrush or plastic toothbrush, why do we use a metal toothbrush instead of a plastic toothbrush? Learn everything you need to know about using metal electric toothbrush effectively and efficiently by reading our blog.

Metal electric toothbrushes are a hot topic in the electric toothbrush market. You might have a few questions in this regard. Are they worth it? What are their pros and cons? 

Pros of Metal Electric Toothbrush

Plastic will produce rust, zinc alloy will not:

Rust is a combo of oxygen and iron. Plastic itself can’t rust. However, plastic can oxidize when it comes into contact with oxygen. By meaning, it isn’t rusted, but it’s the same notion.

On the other hand, metals can rust. But the metals with zinc alloy do not rust. Research proves that zinc alloy produces a thin layer of oxide on the surface, thereby protecting the metal from corrosion. FOSOO is the first brand to use zinc alloy to make electric toothbrushes, which means less plastic and is much more durable than other electric toothbrushes.

Metal body reduces noise:

The metal body of today’s electric brush like FOSOO produces less noise (<50dB). This is due to the adequately spaced motor parts, motor design, and tight bolting.

Metal is more environment friendly:

A well-finished metal body is more environmentally friendly than any other elemental product. 


Metals are more durable than plastics in terms of corrosion and break resistance. The APEX metallic brush of FOSOO is known well in this regard, and many positive reviews can be found by its users.

Metal body reduces vibration:

Yes, you heard us right; a metal body reduces vibration. This is due to an intrinsic ability called the damping effect. The term damping effect signifies the capability of metals to dissipate the vibration energy.

Moreover, the unique metal structure of FOSOO’s electric brushes can effectively reduce the vibration of the handle that won’t make your hand numb.

Metal body looks more luxurious:

Anything that provides relief, comfort, and ease is luxurious. The metallic electric toothbrushes of FOSOO are quiet, high performance, and environment friendly. Moreover, a stylish design with a gold accent makes APEX sonic electric toothbrush aesthetically pleasing. Thus, it won’t be wrong to say that metal products look more luxurious than plastics.


The shine on the metal surface is one of a kind. Shine occurs due to the process of reflection of light rays from its surface. This contributes to the luxury look as well.

Cons of Metal Electric Toothbrush

Will be heavier:

In general, metals have high densities. This makes metallic products heavy. However, when it comes to FOSOO’s metallic electric toothbrushes, they’re only 170g.

Will slip:

The smooth finish of the metallic products makes them slippery. But when it comes to metallic electric brushes of FOSOO, the slip doesn’t happen. This anti-slip property is due to the non-slip texture on their metal handle.

Are Metal Electric Toothbrushes Worth It

Owing to the effective clean Sonic technology and the added benefits of metallic products mentioned above, metal electric toothbrushes are the best choice.

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