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Boost Your Happiness By Getting Rid Of Bad Breath

Contemporary times come with contemporaneous problems. As we live in a fast-moving society, we are constantly under a lot of pressure and stress that could affect our mood even to pathological levels. The reasons behind this are many, such as excess work and deadlines. However, studies have revealed there is a direct relationship between happiness and bad breath.

It has been proven that people who suffer from bad breath tend to be more unhappy than people who do not. This is because constant bad breath or halitosis can harm your daily life, affecting your social interactions and putting him in a state of self-awareness and anxiety. Furthermore, bad breath can even affect your self-esteem and confidence.

Therefore, making simple changes to eliminate bad breath could be the solution you need to boost your self-esteem and happiness and feel good again.

As the foundation to good oral health, free of bad breath, starts with the toothbrush. Following, we will show you how to improve your looks and achieve a whiter smile while also getting rid of bad breath just by using a FOSOO electric toothbrush.

What Is Bad Breath? 

The Relationship Between Dental Problems And Bad Breath

Halitosis, commonly known as bad breath, is a common condition estimated to affect around 1 in 4 people daily. It is a strong and unpleasant smell that comes out from the mouth, which can be easily perceived by the person and the ones close to him.

The reason behind it is usually just something you ate as strong-smelling food translates into strong-smelling breath. Therefore, food such as garlic, fish, and onion are usually the ones responsible for your bad breath, and stirring away from them or brushing after eating them should be enough to stop your halitosis.

Why Do I Have Bad Breath Even After Brushing Or Not Eating Strong-Smelling Food?

Bad breath can be multifactorial, meaning that it could be caused by other things apart from what you are eating. If brushing your teeth, using a FOSOO electric toothbrush, and using mouthwash only mask your bad breath temporarily (even if you haven’t eaten anything strong), then it is most likely due to another and more serious cause.

If this is your case, you should book an appointment with your dentist to address the cause and get the appropriate treatment. However, it is often something easy to fix.

The most common reasons include:

• Dental problems: The most common issues related to oral health tends to produce bad breath. That is due to the concentrations of bacteria responsible for these diseases. The severity of the smell is usually proportional to the severity of the lesion. Teeth with extensive cavities can possess an enormous deposit of bacteria that could be hard to clean and remove. Moreover, teeth associated with infections and abscesses produce a particularly strong odor. Furthermore, as tartar build-ups possess large concentrations of bacteria among its elements, a high quantity of tartar around the teeth will most likely produce bad breath. It is essential to understand that tartar usually appears in areas that are hard to spot, such as between teeth and their side in contact with your tongue.

• Gums problems: Gums disease also produces bad breath, especially when they are constantly bleeding. Moreover, the pockets formed due to periodontitis nest vast proportions of bacteria as no toothbrush can reach them.

• Dry mouth: A decreased salivary flow is responsible for serious bad breath issues. Saliva not only helps prevent cavities but also helps remove any food leftover and bacteria that could produce bad breath. Usually, saliva production decreases during sleep hours. That is why it is normal to have bad breath after waking up. However, certain conditions can lead to a constant state of dry mouth, such as problems with the salivary glands, the use of certain medications, and alcohol and drugs consumption.

• Nose and throat infections: Infections and chronic inflammation on the sinuses can lead to post-nasal dripping, which can cause bad breath as the mucous content flow to the mouth.

• Tobacco and nicotine: as with strong-smelling food, tobacco products’ smell can easily impregnate the mouth and produce a heavily strong odor. Moreover, nicotine is a key component in the development of gums disease, cavities, and dry mouth, three essential elements responsible for bad breath.

• Gastric problems and other conditions: Sometimes, the cause behind bad breath is hiding far away from the mouth. Gastric acid has a sour odor that can escape from your mouth when facing excessive production or reflux. Furthermore, certain grave conditions such as kidney disease can cause bad breath with a peculiar ammonia smell. If you are experiencing other symptoms and suspect the cause of your bad breath could be associated with something outside your mouth, you must seek medical attention as soon as possible.

Although there are many possible reasons behind your bad breath, the treatment is usually simple. Therefore, allowing you to increase your happiness in almost no time.

How To Eliminate Bad Breath?

Brush Your Teeth To Eliminate Bad Breath

The best way to identify the cause and get rid of your bad breath is by paying a quick visit to the dentist. He will perform a cleaning or fill the cavities, leaving your breath fresh once again.

After that, all you need to do is continue having good oral habits. You can improve your health by using a FOSOO electric toothbrush as their cleaning modes will help you even whiten your teeth, not only eliminating bad breath but also enhancing your smile, aesthetics, and self-esteem. As they vibrate at 38.400 rpm, these sonic clean toothbrushes guarantee deep cleaning and a healthy mouth.

Sometimes, the reason behind unhappiness is a mix of small issues, and solving them one at a time could cause a huge improvement. Getting rid of your bad breath will instantly make you feel better and ease your insecurities. Moreover, it can help you make a better impression, which leads to a self-esteem boost, and consequently, make you feel happier.

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