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Manual VS Electric Toothbrush

Manual And Electric Toothbrush

Worried about the correct brushing motion? Then let me tell you something, now it’s time to relax. As we all know, innovations change lives. Similar innovations in the field of dentistry have solved a lot of problems.

Robust oral health is a must for our overall well-being. Having a healthy oral cavity is very important for sustaining an overall healthy life. Living in a modern-day world requires us to adapt to the innovations and technologies that are there to make our life easier and simpler. The electric toothbrush is an example of one such innovation in the field of dentistry.

Nowadays in a life full of hassle, most of the general population of developed countries are using packaged products that are easy to consume. Inability to maintain oral health after consumption of such products helps microorganisms to grow and duplicate. Our body responds to these aggregates of bacteria on tooth surfaces by releasing inflammatory mediators resulting in inflammation of soft tissues of the oral cavity such as gingiva and periodontium.

According to the director clinic for conservative dentistry and periodontology, “periodontitis, a chronic inflammatory disease is a risk factor in the complex pathogenesis of diabetes mellitus and cardiovascular disease”. Periodontitis and some other inflammatory diseases of the oral cavity slowly and progressively lead to the destruction of healthy hard tissues of our mouth I.e. teeth. This destruction leads to inflammation. Due to inflammation, the tooth socket becomes loose. This can result in premature loss of teeth. Along with that, the toxins released by bacteria can invade the food pipe or windpipe leading to serious complications and initiation of life-threatening diseases.

The sticky and acidic contents of outdoor meals such as cheese, sauces, and fizzy drinks are a serious hazard for our teeth if oral health is not maintained properly. People are so busy nowadays that no one has the time to even brush their teeth for complete two minutes as recommended by the American Dental Association (ADA). We often neglect the health of our oral cavity due to our busy schedules. So to reduce the load on dentists of today, FOSOO, an international oral care brand introduced sonic electric toothbrushes.

Manual Tooth Brushing

Correct Brushing Motions

If you are a manual toothbrush user, you should be aware of the correct brushing motions to remove the plaque effectively without damaging the gums. There are a couple of brushing motions that should be known by manual toothbrush users. These include:

• Bass motion technique

• Modified bass motion technique

• Horizontal motion technique

• Still man’s motion technique

• Modified still man’s motion technique

If you are not aware of these techniques, then there is a strong likelihood that your brushing was flawed in the past. Having a manual toothbrush is easy to handle and easy to take anywhere you want without worrying about the battery or delicacy of the item. But if you don’t have the proper knowledge and training of manual brushing, then its benefits may outweigh the risks.

One study reveals that people using manual toothbrushes often perform brushing so vigorously that they damage their gums and related tooth structures. Hence the knowledge of just the right amount of application of force is also very important for an effective clean. According to the American Dental Association, “on average people brush for 45 seconds" which is just not the right amount of time.

Electric Tooth Brushing

LUX Electric Toothbrush

• Modern electric toothbrushes have a built-in timer. This feature makes it easy for the user to know when it’s time to stop. Another feature of sonic toothbrushes is that they rotate in multiple directions, hence they are just needed to be placed on the tooth surface, rest will be managed by themselves!

• Engaging children to brush is an arduous task. With a manual toothbrush, this can be very complex. But with the “pink electric toothbrush” that beeps after every 30 seconds, this can be much easier!

• For the elderly, it is troublesome to make a proper motion to effectively clean the tooth surfaces. According to the national center for chronic disease prevention and health promotion, 23% of the adult population of the US have arthritis, a disease in which joint movement is restricted. Hence such people cannot give effective strokes using a manual toothbrush. Hence electric toothbrushes are the best option for them.

• With the advancement in technology, electric toothbrushes have also enhanced functionalities. They have a powerful battery and a metal framework that is made up of “zinc alloy material” having antibacterial and waterproof qualities.

• The bristles of electric toothbrushes in the modern-day world come in different shapes ranging from round to triangular. These multifarious bristles of these electric toothbrushes with variable textures provide the best possible and the most efficient cleaning of all the five surfaces of the tooth.

• Sonic toothbrush by FOSOO provides 42000 motions per minute which highly increases the proficiency of brushing, removing plaque 10 times faster and quicker.


Hence, if we compare an electric toothbrush with a manual toothbrush, we can easily conclude that the electric toothbrush is much more efficient and useful for the proper, hassle-free, and timesaving cleaning of teeth. Proper use of a manual toothbrush requires proper training which is time-consuming. With the advancement in technology, we can save our time and energy that can be utilized for much higher purposes.

Dr. Saadullah Khawar

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