Benefits of the Electric Toothbrush for Kids


Benefits of the Electric Toothbrush for Kids

Electric toothbrushes are excellent devices that have proven to increase both adults’ and children’s dental health. They are capable of helping children remove of the plaque from their teeth

Thousands of people have experienced the benefits of using an electric toothbrush to enhance their oral health. Whether it is an oscillating or a sonic clean toothbrush, the results are always noticeable compared with a manual toothbrush.

However, these benefits are not only reserved for adults, but children can also take advantage of using electric toothbrushes. Moreover, there are even added benefits apart from the increased biofilm control.

Furthermore, FOSOO's primary goal is to provide high-quality toothbrushes that will change the way you and your family think about oral health. Moreover, FOSOO kids electric toothbrushes have been designed so your children can also experience their benefits.

Why are Electric Toothbrushes Better

Due to their ability to vibrate or rotate at high speed, electric toothbrushes are capable of removing more biofilm, also known as plaque, than their manual counterpart.

Biofilm is a clear and sticky film made of bacteria and organic elements that adheres to the surface of the teeth and restorations. This biofilm is responsible for both caries and gums disease, as it contains most of the harmful bacteria that attack the mouth tissues. Therefore, removing it is the central objective of toothbrushes and is the only way to achieve good oral health.

Although it is easy to eliminate, the brushing technique is often inadequate, resulting in inefficient biofilm removal and increasing the risk of caries and gums disease. Moreover, as it is transparent, it is hard to see the areas where biofilm was not adequately removed with the naked eye.

However, it has been proven that the motion performed by electric toothbrushes is an excellent aid in biofilm removal, increasing the amount eliminated and enhancing oral health.

Main Benefit for Children

As children often lack hand dexterity to manipulate the toothbrush efficiently and use the appropriate technique, they tend to experience increased benefits from using an electric toothbrush. The high-speed motion automatically performed by the toothbrush allows them to remove large portions of biofilm from the teeth, even if they have issues controlling it.

Furthermore, a study found out that children using a manual toothbrush are only able to remove around 39% of the biofilm from their teeth, while children using sonic toothbrushes can remove up to 77%. Therefore, proving that electric toothbrushes are the best option to maintain your children’s mouth healthy.

However, it is also recommended for parents to brush their children’s teeth until they are old enough to properly do it by themselves. This ensures that their gums and teeth remain healthy. Moreover, it is also advised to supervise them when they begin to brush on their own to guarantee that they are doing it appropriately and correct any mistakes.

Oral Health Motivation

Usually, many children think about brushing their teeth and oral hygiene as a duty they would rather avoid. As a result, it is harder for parents to help them develop good oral health and habits.

However, most children's electric toothbrushes come in a wide variety of colors and designs depicting many popular characters from television and movies. Therefore, choosing a toothbrush with their favorite character or a character they like can encourage them to improve their oral health.

Since this can make them think about the toothbrush as a fun toy, it often prevents them from considering teeth brushing undesirable labor. Instead, it turns it into a fun activity to look forward to as they will get to play with their favorite character.

If the children are highly reluctant about brushing their teeth, getting more than one toothbrush with different themes or characters could be a good idea as they will be able to choose the one they want to use every day.

Built-In Timers

Efficient biofilm removal does not depend only on the brushing technique and the quality of the toothbrush. Therefore, brushing for the recommended 2-minutes time mark is vital to ensure that the teeth are properly cleaned and the most biofilm possible is removed from their surfaces.

However, not everyone perceives time the same way, and 2 minutes may appear longer for some people. Moreover, children can get bored and distracted easily. As a result, on many occasions, they stop brushing before the 2 minutes mark as they believe the time has already passed or they want to move on to another activity.

Fortunately, many electric toothbrushes for kids are designed with a built-in 2 minutes timer. This allows them to brush until the timer sounds, letting them know that they have finished and preventing them from stopping earlier than expected. Therefore, it significantly helps improve oral health from a young age and develop good habits.

Getting Accustomed to the Dental Office 

One of the biggest issues with dental offices is the anxiety and stress that causes the sound of the handpiece, even if you are only hearing it from the waiting room. Moreover, this does not affect only adults but also children.

As a child, going to the dentist and hearing that sound can be a highly unpleasant experience. But, it can be beneficial to listen to the sound that the electric toothbrush makes from a young age.

Due to their similar sounds, getting used to it while understanding that there is no association between the noise and any pain or discomfort can decrease the fear of the dentist and anxiety levels enormously.

However, not every child is the same, and, in some cases, the electric toothbrush sound and vibrations can be scary to the child. Therefore, turning its use into a counterproductive measure.

Nonetheless, electric toothbrushes are excellent devices that have proven to increase both adults’ and children’s dental health. They are capable of helping children remove up to 77% of the biofilm from their teeth, and their themed designs encourage them to brush their teeth while thinking about it as a fun activity.

If your children are over 3 years old and you're looking forward to improving their oral health and helping develop good habits, a FOSOO electric toothbrush is your best option to achieve this goal and protect your children's smile.


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