Dreamer Kids Sonic Electric Toothbrush with 4 Brush Heads

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  • With just the right level of sonic vibrations, Dreamer kid's electric toothbrush effectively removes 15 times more plaque than a regular manual toothbrush without aggravating little kid's gums. A two-minute timer helps your child build better brushing habits and clean thoroughly to prevent cavities.
  • Smaller brush head fits comfortably for your child's mouth and helps reach every nook and cranny. Extra soft bristles are gentle on children's teeth and gums. Antibacterial bristles eliminate 99.9% of bacteria build up on the toothbrush. Perfectly fits children of age 3 years and above.
  • Appealing butterfly and plane designs make toothbrushing easy and fun for kids. Brushing your kid's teeth won't be a daily battle. Stick it to the wall as a holder to help you store the toothbrush from the vanity to save space.
  • Two cleaning modes specially designed for kids: Clean mode, more effective removal of plaque; Soft mode, more gentle on gums and teeth. With less than 40 dB of noise, our kid's electric toothbrush is more kid-friendly than other electric toothbrushes.
  • 180 days of battery life saves you the hassle of charging, perfect for travel. Comes with 4 brush heads for a year of use, no need to waste extra money on brush head refills.
  • You will receive 1 Dreamer Electric Toothbrush for Kids, 4 Small Brush Heads, 1 Wall-Mounted Holder, 1 USB Charging Cable, and 1 User Guide.
  • Color :
    Pink Butterfly
    Blue Plane
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    Dreamer Kids Sonic Electric Toothbrush with 4 Brush Heads

    Dreamer Sonic Electric Toothbrush for Kids

    Gum Care, Anticavity, Antibacterial 3-in-1 Clean

    All children deserve to dream, FOSOO Dreamer kid's electric toothbrush protects your child’s teeth, improves their oral health, and always guards their smiles on the road of pursuing dreams.

    For ages 3+, adult supervision for under 8. 

    15x Plaque Removal, 7x Healthier Gums

    With 36,000 sonic vibrations per minute, our kid’s toothbrush provides up to 15x plaque removal and 7x healthier gums than a manual toothbrush. Helps to reduce oral bacteria, prevent cavities and strengthen teeth.

    Two Modes Specially Designed for Children


    More effective removal of plaque and food particles from teeth, ideal for daily cleaning.


    More gentle on gums, perfect for sensitive gums and teeth, younger kids ready to use an electric toothbrush, and kids who are changing their teeth.

    Avoid Toothpaste Splatter

    Speed gradually increases for the first several seconds to keep toothpaste from splattering all around.

    Appealing Butterfly & Plane Design

    Cute butterfly and cool plane wall-mounted holders make it easy and fun to get your kid to brush their teeth without a fight, while saving space and minimizing mess. 

    Kid-sized Small Brush Head

    Our small brush head is designed to fit comfortably in your child's small mouth age 3+ and reach all areas of the tooth surface.

    Small Size

    Perfect for small mouths with growing teeth.

    Pedex Ultra-Soft Bristles

    Gentle on kid's gums and teeth, clean kid’s teeth effectively without being rough on their gums.

    Pedex Antibacterial Bristles

    Eliminate 99.9% of bacteria build up on the toothbrush which can lead to cavities and gum disease.

    Soft Rubber Back

    Makes brushing teeth safer and more comfortable for kids.

    Smart Timer Builds Better Habits

    The built-in 2-min timer ensures kids brush for the recommended two minutes and helps kids build good oral hygiene habits for life. Musical alerts remind kids to move through the four mouth quadrants for a complete clean.

    Quietest Kids Sonic Toothbrush <40dB

    Unparalleled noise reduction technology makes it the quietest electric toothbrush with less than 40 dB of noise. The unique structure effectively reduces the vibration of the handle that won’t make kids’ hands numb, which is friendly for those kids who hate noise and vibration.

    180-Day Battery Life

    Powered by a 2000mAh rechargeable battery, it lasts for more than six months. Keep you away from charging troubles.

    Soft & Secure Grip

    Our ergonomic handle fits perfectly into the child's hand. The front and back are embedded with soft non-slip rubber for a secure and comfortable grip for kids.

     IPX7 Waterproof

    The professional water-resistant design makes it can be rinsed under water directly and frequently. 

    What You Will Get

    1 x Dreamer Electric Toothbrush for Kids
    1 x Butterfly/Plane Wall Mounted Holder
    4 x Small Brush Head for Kids
    1 x USB Charging Cable
    1 x User Guide

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 41 reviews
    Adorable Toothbrush for a Young Child

    Got this toothbrush for my soon to be adopted kid. I'm sure he's going to love it. Hopefully it makes teeth brushing time more enjoyable. It looks great in his bathroom. Very excited to see him use it.

    Mary Saddler
    Definitely worth the money spent!!

    This was purchased for my young grandson as a gift. He absolutely loves it! The built in timer helps hom to know when to stop brushing. The airplsne design makes it fun for hom to brush his teeth. It comes with its own charger and even let's him know when its time to recharge. He placed his on his wall in his room and it looks awesome! The toothbrush heads are soft and just right for his needs. It comes wonderfully packaged and perfect to giftwrap. I'm glad I purchased this because now he brushing his teeth is not a chore its something He looks forward to. I need to get the butterfly one for my granddaughter now!!

    Absolutely Adorable, and Cleans Well

    My niece's eyes totally lit up when she saw this pink butterfly electric toothbrush. Don't let the 3+ age group fool you, this appeals to young girls all the way up to teenagers. This toothbrush comes with four brush heads, a USB charger, and a set of instructions. There are two frequency modes, Clean and Soft. One 4 hour charge is good for 180 days of twice a day brushing, and there is a low battery indicator light right on the handle, so you don't have to keep track of how long it's been since the last charge. The kid-size brush heads work well for accessing all corners of the mouth. The toothbrush is waterproof, another nice feature. There is an adhesive strip on the back of the stand so that this can be wall mounted. I consider this cute toothbrush to be a good value, and it makes a great gift.

    Brushing teeth for the win with this!

    I want to note this is probably not for older kids as this has such a small brush head which is perfect for my toddler. My son was so excited to use this new toothbrush, but it is not meant to brush while in the airplane holder, it's only to hold the brush. But my son loved to use it by himself like a big boy and really enjoyed the playful design.

    She loves it!!!

    This toothbrush is just too cute and my 4 year old loved it. As I knew she would. The butterfly part is a stand/holder that has an adhesive back that you can stick to the wall or the mirror. It comes with 3 replacements, a charger, and a cover for the piece that attaches to the toothbrush head. It has two settings. One for beginner toothbrush users and one for those who have been brushing for a while. It also has a two minute automatic shut off.

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